Does your heart beat a little bit faster when you see a road-side sign that says “Antiques – This Way”?  Do you look at an old beat-up piece of furniture and see possibilities instead of problems? For people like us it’s all about the thrill of the hunt, the process, learning a new technique or finding great new resource.  I’ve always loved to learn new things.  I’ve spent countless hours learning all I could about design, renovating, heritage architecture, antiques, furniture, fabric, and everything in between. I have learned from experts, amateurs, internet, and instinct, and am always surprised where I find inspiration. I’ve also always been impatient.  Sometimes it can take hours before I find a good tutorial on what I am looking for.   My wish is to build this blog as a resource for all of you who, like me, love to “Do it yourself”.   I will also be taking you shopping, sharing my sources, and introducing you to other like-minded souls who share my passion for decor,  who always generously share their ideas and expertise.

I am very lucky to be starting out on my new venture as a designer.  Working with others to help them create livable, comfortable spaces they love is so gratifying.  I am going to be featuring all of those projects here, in addition to picking up where I left off with the renovation of my own beautiful home and tackling the refinishing of the giant pile of furniture in my basement, and I will show you how I do it every step of the way.

I want this blog to be a conversation, not a lecture, and I welcome your comments and feedback. I encourage you to share your ideas when inspiration strikes, or ask for help when you’re out of ideas.    Please join me on my adventures in decorating,