Back to Reality

hope all of you enjoyed the last couple weeks of summer, I can’t believe its over and the kids are back to school this week.  Even though I don’t have children, and its been a LONG time since I was in school, it still feels like the beginning of the year to me too.

This was my view for the last week of August,


but now its back to work, getting all our September weddings organized, carrying on with the renos to the house, and  flipping the shop for fall.  I get weirdly excited about fall; the  anticipation for pumpkins, candles, sweaters and boots,  and that smoky smell in the air is almost too much to bear.  One of the funny things about the floral business is that we are always way ahead seasonally because we have to be ready when it hits, so we’re usually completely over a holiday by the time everyone else is into it 🙂 Of course it got sunny and warm again this week, just as I was pulling out the throw blankets and pumpkins…

This weekend I will be working on planning our fall workshop schedule so stay tuned for that, hopefully next week some time.  I love that some of you have already been asking!

I’ll leave you with some fall inspo  – just in case you’re like me and can’t wait for it.


We love you and your unlimited decorating budget Pottery Barn.


*See tutorial at The Idea Room (You could treat the wood with AHAH Better with Age – I love this project and am going to do it as soon as I clear space in my workroom!)


From The Stone Gable


From Wilton Cakes, learn how to make it here.



Super easy and inexpensive way to decorate your front steps – we just got baskets of mums like this in the shop on Thursday, pumpkins not quite yet, but I tried, somebody beat me to it on the auction, so clearly I’m not the only one desperate for fall!

Happy decorating (even if its not for a few more weeks).


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