Botanical Prints

I  have a great new source to share with you today.  I have been looking for some botanical prints since I moved into my home 3 years ago.  I have looked repeatedly at the big online art sites, but grow tired after about 200 pictures, they all start to look the same and I seem to end up finding fault with everything.

There have been some close calls at Homesense, but again, the color, or the frame, or the mat is just wrong enough that I can’t pull the trigger and commit.  Suffice it to say that I have one picture up in my whole house.

Enter Belle Botanica (I loved everything about this picture the minute I saw it and wanted to buy whatever they were selling immediately).

Belle Botanica2

They have the most beautiful collection of botanical prints, most of which come in a variety of sizes.  My favorite thing are the collections;  they have already done the work of compiling sets of images that work together. Doesn’t get any easier.  The hard part will be choosing which set to buy.

I love this one, because I love anything with birds,Belle Botanica3but this one is lovely too, and I think 4 images will likely fit better where I want to put them.Belle Botanica5They ship worldwide, and while the prices are US$, like everything good in the online world, I think their prices are reasonable.  Some inexpensive IKEA frames and you’ve got yourself a photo wall.

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