Color Palette of the Month

October’s palette is inspired by the changing leaves, of course.  Thanksgiving always signals the true beginning of fall for me;  time haul out the furry blankets and orange candles and put away the summer clothes.  There is something very comforting about this ritual, which usually takes place for me on Thanksgiving as the shop is always closed, and its usually a “real” day off.


This month’s post is all about how to warm up your space.  If you’re just looking to update your home for the season,  the living room below is a great example of how a few accessories can be added or changed out to have a big impact:

Pottery Barn Living Room

This vignette is also a great example: you could change the blanket and flowers seasonally to give this reading spot a very different feel depending on the time of year.


If you live in place without much natural light (hello Lynn Valley), using reds, oranges and browns as your decor scheme can really help add warmth to your space.  These photos are from one of my favorite movie houses,  belonging to Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated”, and it forever changed my opinion on decorating with orange.



Some people shy away from color, but switching to a warm palette doesn’t mean you have to paint your walls bright orange.  Toned shades of red or orange, like the muted red in this dining room, are much easier to live with and won’t feel overwhelming.


Don’t forget about texture either; natural wood and stone work perfectly to warm up a neutral space and keep it from feeling too sterile.  These exposed faux trusses are a really innovative way to add character to what looks like a fairly new build.


Lastly, remember to give your outdoor spaces some love.  As the last of the summer flowers fade and everything starts to look pretty bleak,  put out some fall mums in a rich burgundy or burnt orange and add an autumn wreath to the door.  I go faux for fall; having gone on a complicated and lengthy quest for the perfect wreath down in Bellingham a few years ago (sorry again Jasmine!), I like the tradition of bringing the same one out every year, if it ain’t broke…


Of course we all can’t have the brick steps and wood door that coordinate perfectly with this month’s color palette, but you can probably find something that will work with the front of your house, and you’ll be surprised how much curb appeal just a few small touches will create.


*All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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