Color Palette of the Month

Okay, I’m a bit late this month.  I started this post two weeks ago, but getting the shop ready for Christmas has taken every spare moment over the last few weeks, and after the open house last Thursday, there wasn’t much left in the tank.  So feeling re-energised after a lovely weekend off, I’m squeezing it in before the end of the month.

I don’t like a cold feeling interior, which is probably why my style leans more towards the traditional than the contemporary.  This palette jumped out at me because the base colors are cool neutrals (which are very popular in today’s decor), but even little hits of red or pink can instantly warm up a space, and that’s what I wanted to show with this month’s post.


Take a look at the room below – without the pillows and the flower arrangement it would be pretty blah.


Same goes for this bathroom – the hot pinky red accents make it feel lively.


Here is a great example of incorporating just the tiniest bit of color, and how much it can add to the visual appeal of a room.

We’re focusing on a neutral colors for the big ticket and permanent items, and color for the accents to give a space some personality and warmth.  The bedroom below gets high marks from me on where and how to use color,

(Although I probably would have used this chair instead of the white…)


If bright color isn’t your thing, you could still introduce color in a muted way; this room feels very soft and serene, but it still keeps to our specified color palette.


Likewise the accents don’t always have to be bold; the subtle reddish brown in the back-splash tile below would still have an impact in a neutral kitchen or bathroom.

Let me know what you think about this months’palette – I always love to hear your feedback.


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