Fabric Field Trip

On Wednesday I had the privilege of going shopping with my friend, interior designer Janet Scagel.  I had asked for her recommendations a few months back on where I could source some high quality fabrics.  When I started working on refinishing upholstered pieces, I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the retail level and figured I would have better luck at the wholesale level,  and boy was I right! ( These companies only sell to the trade, so sorry to all you DIYers, but you can always order fabric through your interior designer.)


Our first stop was the drool-worthy showroom at Tritex .  I’ve seen mythical places like this on Design Inc. but didn’t know they existed here in Vancouver.  Racks and racks of the most beautiful fabrics you could imagine; every color, pattern, and price point you could want.


We were greeted by Stephanie, the showroom manager, who kindly took me around and showed me how everything worked.  She was clearly a kindred spirit when it came to a love of fabric, her enthusiasm made the whole process fun instead of overwhelming.

This was just one section of blues, and there were displays like this for every color, in multiple parts of the showroom.


Then there were “wings” (my new term of the day) where their designers had put together groupings of fabrics in the same style and colorway.


I particularly loved this group in their “french” section; I love the vintage grainsack inspired red stripe, I may have to come back for some of that.

We also visited the showrooms of Anne Starr and Maxwell, but I was so overwhelmed by that point I forgot to take photos!  These showrooms were also lovely, and I can’t wait to go back and visit both of them.

I have experienced a lot of frustration over the last year not being able to find the fabrics I want for certain projects, but frustrated no more. I have 4 french chairs at home in various stages of being ripped apart, my lack of motivation to finish them largely due to the fact that I haven’t been able to find fabric for the design I’m envisioning in my head, but now the possibilities are endless.  Time to get out my tack puller and get to work.

*Janet Scagel has the most beautiful design esthetic – you must look at her website to see for yourself the magic she creates. She could easily give any celebrity designer a run for their money.  I follow her on Instagram and am constantly in awe of the magazine-worthy photos she posts.  If you love design like I do, she is a “must follow” on social medial:




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