The Cottage

For anyone who has ever owned a vacation property, I’m sure you will be able to relate. When you purchased it, visions of lounging on the deck, relaxing by the water, entertaining friends, were all so real and motivating it seemed like it would be the best decision in the world.  What you didn’t think about were the inevitable realities that return each season: the maintenance, the wildlife (some welcome, some not), the fact that even when you’re not there the grass grows. These are the things that bring you back down to reality with a thud.  My recent trip went something like this :

Day 1: arrived at the cottage to get it open for the season and finish up some reno work left over from last season.  As I pulled around the corner I was mortified to find that he grass was about a foot tall, the new hedge was in need of a serious pruning, and some unidentified animal had left “presents” all the way up the drive.  Once inside, after spending an hour vacuuming up spider webs, I knocked one of the shelves out of the fridge door and smashed the brand new bottle of hot sauce I had just purchased, EVERYWHERE.

Day 2: got up, caulked all the cracks in the new molding that was put up in the sunroom last year but never finished.  Went outside to meet the new landscapers, apologizing my way around my overgrown yard and secretly praying they didn’t run back down the driveway never to be seen again.  During our walk-around, one of them mentioned that she noticed numerous bees/wasps disappearing behind the lattice on the front deck.  Great. The  landscapers leave with the promise of coming back the following week to tackle the mess.  Get on the phone to pest control, who kindly say they can’t get up here until next week, and that I perhaps shouldn’t walk on the deck as I might “anger” the bees/wasps/who knows  (have I mentioned I’m allergic to bees?)  Okay, no power-washing this trip.

On the bright side, my newly refinished coffee table looks great in the living room, and I managed to get the cracks sealed up and a couple more coats of white paint on the sunroom walls, so all in all, a semi-productive trip.  Despite it all, I purchased this place so when I thought “I really need to get away” I would have somewhere to get away to, and I am grateful every day that I have it.  Its far from perfect, and  it may not have turned out exactly how I had envisioned when I bought it 9 years ago, but its all mine, and I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe the bees…)

Cottage Living Room Before & After

Cottage LR Before

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